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07/26/2006: Didja Notice?

Hi all -- just wanted to call your attention to the new "Jane Recommends" feature on the page. It's over there, up and to the left.


"Prisoner of Trebekistan" is available for pre-order right now. Click on the pretty cover to go to the Amazon page! I promise you that this is an amazing book. Seriously.

In other news... I do get the nicest letters! Thank you to Susie in Maryland, Shoshana in New York, Marisa, also in New York, and Stephanie in Wisconsin, to name a few.

Stephanie asks a question that comes up now and then. Some of you out there aren't stopping after you write a spec pilot. You're writing additional episodes of shows that you are developing on your own, and wondering if there's any market for this kind of project. I applaud the work ethic even as I tell you that there's no real use for these episodes in the traditional world of television. Beginning writers are expected to provide writing samples, not entire series. In fact, I'd been writing for television for more than ten years before I was given the opportunity to tell anyone about ideas that I had for entire series of my own.

BUT... things are changing. Product is being developed for other media now -- including cell phones and toaster ovens (or whatever). It's possible that in these exciting new worlds things won't work in the same way. If you're excited by your series idea, and you're having a good time -- and learning -- by writing the episodes, go ahead. I don't yet know of anywhere that will look at them... but I wouldn't be shocked if such a place is just about to start existing!

P. S. Someone told me that they had heard of some kind of program, similar to the ABC Writing Fellowship, that helped young writers develop pilot ideas, but I haven't been able to track it down. Remember, I'm not an expert in writing opportunities -- I just want to offer writing tips. Anything beyond that, and I'm out of my comfort zone.

Lunch: tongue sandwich from Art's Deli. It's exciting because it tastes you back!


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