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Home » Archives » November 2006 » When Zeit Met Geist
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11/01/2006: When Zeit Met Geist

Remember how I told you all once about how sometimes you will have the exact same idea for a script as someone else does, and that doesn't mean that someone stole it. Even if you totally told your writing class about it or whatever?

The title of last week's Ugly Betty: "The Lyin', the Watch and the Wardrobe." The title for one of our Jake in Progress episodes last season: "The Lying, The Watch and Jake's Wardrobe." Hee! So close and yet so clearly independently-arrived-at. If you've got both a watch and some clothing in an episode, it just kinda makes sense. And there's always lying, so that's just built in. Some ideas are just in the air.

And if you really think that someone took your idea for your spec script? Even then, you don't have to sweat, because you're gonna beat 'em on execution. No spec script wins a contest or an agent or a job based on the idea alone. Much more attention is given to whether or not you got the voices, the tone, all that other good stuff.

Lunch: chicken soft tacos from Del Taco. With Mr. Pibb. I have mistakenly identified this as Dr. Pepper in past posts, but Del Taco is actually only down with the Pibb.


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