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05/10/2007: Rockin' and Enrollin'

Rachel in Los Angeles writes asking about finding a writing partner. Well, Rachel, you're in the right city! I'd suggest attending meetings of a group like Scriptwriters Network, or any of the similar organizations that meet in the city. Or sign up for a screenwriting class through UCLA extension. Talk to people there, make friends, read their work, and I bet you'll find the right partner.

You'll also benefit from all the other reasons that people join these groups and take these classes -- mentorship, creative criticism, connections, encouragement... and sometimes the chance to enter a competition. If you're fortunate enough to be in Los Angeles, you've got a great opportunity to meet others who are working toward the same goal you are. Take advantage of it for as long as you find it helpful.

By the way, you can do some of this even if you're not in L.A. Years ago, when I wanted TV writing instruction, I found an inexpensive teacher in the Bay Area who met with small groups of aspiring screenwriters. Just that small weekly contact with others who were trying to do what I was trying to do was very encouraging to me.

Just always keep the goal in mind. You're not here to be the best in the group, the leader of the group, to define yourself in terms of whatever group or class you choose. You're here to get a job. So keep your eyes raised up out of the crowd.

Lunch: enchildas from the Universal Studios cafeteria. I didn't think there would be so much potato in them.


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