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Home » Archives » July 2007 » Someone Put Shorts on the Internet!
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07/17/2007: Someone Put Shorts on the Internet!

I knew it would happen. I don't like it, but I knew it would happen. Andy in Los Angeles writes to let me know that he attended a recent "breaking in" seminar at the Writers' Guild and that agents and execs there said that Internet short films were becoming popular samples in place of spec scripts.

Andy directs me to his short, which is excellent, so I'm going to direct you to it, too, Gentle Readers. It's called "24: The Interns" and you can find it at "funnyordie.com". Those of you contemplating this option should check it out. The bar is set pretty high.

You can probably already guess why this is a trend that I dread, since I've already nosed around the edge of this topic in a previous post. In my opinion, watching a finished product like this makes it hard for me to tease out the contribution made by the script. It also can be so easily derailed by poor acting, editing or cinematography.

If this appeals to you anyway, give it a try if you have the resources; film school students, go for it. But please don't panic if you don't. I still believe that the best way to tell if someone can write a script is to read their scripts, and I suspect most show runners ultimately feel the same way. If you're an introvert like me, most happy in a quiet room with your fingers on a keyboard, there is still plenty of room for you in the spec-script-writin' game.

Lunch: Cup o' Noodles (try the Salsa Picante Chicken flavor.) I buy mine from the little corner store here on the Universal Studios lot. They've got the bar code scanner set wrong so that every time I buy it, the computer says it costs over forty-nine thousand dollars. But so far they have never actually demanded the money.


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