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11/08/2007: Delivery Systems

CORRECTION: The 10 a.m. Friday rally mentioned in this post will actually be at Fox Plaza 2121 Avenue of the Stars, Century City

I got a chance to talk today to a writer who recently moved from a very dramatic one-hour drama to one that is much more comedic, and is staffed with lots of writers from the half-hour world. This writer is discovering that their pitches -- even ones that have to do with the logical structure of the story -- are getting shot down if they aren't pitched in such a way to emphasize the comedy of the situation. This is a common feature of comedy rooms.

In fact, I've often seen stories that make no sense defended simply with, "it got a laugh at the table." End of argument. You can't argue with a laugh.

So if you find yourself in a comedy room, adjust your pitching style accordingly. Watch, listen, observe what is being valued in the pitches made by the other writers. Pay attention to what "sells" -- i.e. gets in the script. If the currency in your room is made out of funny, make sure the bet you slide forward is made out of funny.

Strike: many hearty thanks to Friend of the Blog Kate, who came out to march with me today! Also, to Gentle Readers Lila and Megan, who also showed up to march. Megan even brought delicious turkey sandwiches to share. Yay, Megan! Kal-el and Chris also walked with us again. I'm so proud of my crew and I hope to meet more of you on the line! Do not drop by Universal tomorrow, however, as I will instead be at Fox studios - 10201 Pico - for the huge Guild-wide picket and rally starting at 10 AM. It's going to be big and wild and everyone is invited! There will be famous actors and (probably) snacks and (certainly) every writer you've ever wanted to meet! SEE YOU THERE!

Lunch: delicious Megan-made turkey sandwiches


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