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Home » Archives » November 2007 » In Which I Talk About A Dream I Had Thirty Years Ago
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11/11/2007: In Which I Talk About A Dream I Had Thirty Years Ago

Strike update. I am volunteering to do a shift at the Guild offices tomorrow (Monday) instead of walking the line. I believe I will be making and repairing picket signs. It sounded easier on the feet, ya know? I have delicate little trotters. Anyway, I'll be back on the line on Tuesday, but in a different location. I'm told that our picketing group is being moved to Universal Gate 2. That's one of the big gates directly off Lankershim -- it's the big time, folks!

As you've probably heard, Tuesday is "cast day," when stars of the various shows are being encouraged to join us on the line. I haven't heard if we're going to be joined by any Battlestarstars, but I'll let you know if I hear anything. It certainly sounds like it'll be worth coming out to visit picketers anywhere in town on that day. (Aside: When I was a very little kid, I had a dream once that there was a special event in my home town in which television stars had been sprinkled throughout the whole town and you could ride around and look for them. Sharpest moment of the whole dream was me spotting a Barney Miller star on my own street. That star? Ron Glass, whom I later got to write for on Firefly. Isn't life wonderful?)

And, as you may also have heard, Friday is "Battlestar Galatica Day"!! Whoo! I'm going to get more details on this, but as of right now, Universal sounds like THE place to be on Friday for Galactica fans. This would be a great way to show your support -- whether you're a fan or not, actually. Let's see if we can beat the turnout from the previous Friday's rally!

UPDATE: The Battlestar Galactica day is tied into a fan convention in Burbank. You can get info about the convention itself here!

Lunch: leftover gnocchi from an Italian dinner I called in. Potato pillows!


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