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12/02/2007: Pencil Pusher

UPDATE: I almost forgot to ask. Does anyone out there want a hot towel? Follow the link to find out about a possible benefit of buying pencils. Tell your friends!

It's an all-strike update entry today, Gentle Readers. There's just so much to cover!

First, I bought more pencils today. If you haven't bought your limit yet, might I suggest something? Let's see how many we can buy before the big Mutant Enemy picket day at Fox on December 7. This action won't last forever, and it's nice to have a goal-date, don't you think?

Second, I'm going to have a very busy picketing week this week. Look for me at the Universal Studios Barham gate early tomorrow morning, then at Paramount at 9 AM on Tuesday to walk with other women Sci Fi writers (look for the group with the pink hats), and then on Wednesday morning, I'm participating in a special walk-with-the-bloggers picket at Warner Brothers with John August, Craig Mazin, and Josh Friedman. Come by and collect us all!

Third, I had a thought today. (No, really.) While the rest of the viewing public is having to withdraw from their shows as, one by one, they slump into reruns, you writers don't have to. Write your spec scripts (you lucky non-WGA guys, you), and you'll still get to commune with the characters you love. If you're going to need a spec of an existing show for next year's fellowships, this would be a grand time to write one. (Remember not to pick a brand-new show, and also remember, a script is always a more valuable research tool than a completed episode is.)

Lunch: bagels, cream cheese, fruit and teeny-tiny cream puffs


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