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12/18/2007: A Feather in Your Recap

Lately, I've been able to meet and talk with a lot of other writers out on the line -- not a thorough compensation for being able to do what I love, but it softens the blow. One of them, a young woman at the Mutant Enemy Day picket, pointed out to me an alternate way into a television writing job that I hadn't known about. There are at least two young working (well, not right now, but before and after the strike) writers in town who helped themselves get their jobs by working as recappers at TelevisionWithoutPity.com. What a great idea!

Do you know the site? You really should. It covers a large number of shows, providing detailed and humorous recaps and analysis of each episode. I often use it as a resource to make myself familiar with shows I've failed to keep up with, and to make sure I'm getting references and subtleties that a more diligent viewer would catch. The recappers get to demonstrate an understanding of what makes television work (and what doesn't). I don't always agree with their analysis, but I'm almost always impressed by the care and thought that goes into it. And, I'm now learning, the job can lead to other things. (I should have known this. The long-time Battlestar recapper, Jacob Clifton, contributed an essay to Serenity Found, the newer book about Firefly that I edited -- and he came to our attention because of the recaps.)

I have no idea if TwoP has job openings or what their hiring criteria is. It's almost certain that they don't need people right now since the amount of new product is plummeting due to the strike. But keep them, and other sites of this kind, in mind as you look ahead. Critical writing about television, for TwoP or your local college newspaper or on your personal blog, can help you hone your thinking and demonstrate a love and understanding of the medium that might just catch someone's eye.

Then, of course, you better have a good script to hand to them.

Lunch: Bibimbap, the Korean vegetable-and-rice dish, from the Korean BBQ stand in the Farmer's Market. Delish!


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