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01/08/2008: Onward!

Thanks to all the fans who showed up yesterday at the Wynn to help with the leafleting at the Consumer Electronics Show! I'm truly touched. The event itself was the strangest thing. Hold out a piece of paper and whisper "WGA," and members of the press will actually come over to you, saying, "Can I have one?" It was like we had coupons for free tiramisu. The public/media is interested, I will say that!

We only handed them out for a short while, but we gave away a surprisingly large number of fliers. (Right up until casino security "asked" us to leave. But what the heck, at a certain point in one's life, I think it's important to start getting thown out of places.)

Today, we're going to try giving away some more at the Convention Center. If you want to join us, the plan is to meet at the entrance to the North Hall at 11AM. But, as we learned yesterday, these plans are dubious in their doubtfulness. Things are fluid but fun here. If you can't find me, I apologize.

BTW, the fliers are very simple little informational sheets that just lay out the basics of the dispute. The idea is that the sorts of press representatives who cover new consumer electronics are going to be interested in the "new media" issues at the heart of the dispute.

Coming soon: writing advice. I did not intend this blog to turn into a strike diary, and I still do not. We'll be back to my regular prattling (Blah! Parentheticals! Blah!) again in no time!

Lunch: poached eggs at Jerry's Famous Deli


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