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05/09/2008: The Singular of Apocalypse

Friend of the blog, the amazing Rob Kutner, one of the writers on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, has written a book called "Apocalypse How." You can order it here, or, once Book Soup has it on their site, you can also order it there! And you can read about it way over here!

I don't have my copy in hand yet, but this is sure to be terrific. From the web site: APOCALYPSE HOW is a comprehensive cataclysmic guide that walks you through the Nine Most Likely World-Ending Scenarios, and provides useful and inspiring advice on every aspect of surviving (and thriving!) in the new world to come. Fantastic.

Up here in Vancouver, I'm continuing to enjoy watching my words get spun into gold by this amazing crew and cast. Nothing will convince you you're brilliant faster then having brilliant actors read your material. Of course, the opposite is true too, which is why I caution you to be very careful about staging amateur table reads. Terrible line-readings will make you think your writing is terrible. And it just isn't. I think you're better off listening to imaginary brilliance than real-world awfulness. So turn up those voices in your head and turn down your roommate's boyfriend's offer to read the lead in your spec pilot. Unless he's good, he might just convince you to throw out something that actually works. Remember that there is no line so inspired that it can't be read painfully badly.

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