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Who Hates Whom: Well-Armed Fanatics, Intractable Conflicts, and Various Things Blowing Up A Woefully Incomplete Guide by Bob Harris

"The geopolitical equivalent of scorecards that get hawked at ball games. Only Bob could make a user’s guide to our increasingly hostile world this absorbing, this breezy, and—ultimately—this hopeful."
~ Ken Jennings, author of Brainiac


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Serenity Found: More Unauthorized Essays on Joss Whedon's Firefly Universe, edited by Jane Espenson

Flirting with Pride and Prejudice: Fresh Perspectives on the Original Chick-Lit Masterpiece, edited by Jennifer Crusie and including Jane Espenson's short story, "Georgiana"

Finding Serenity: Anti-Heroes, Lost Shepherds and Space Hookers in Joss Whedon's Firefly, edited by Jane Espenson and Glenn Yeffeth

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Jane in DVD

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11/14/2012: ALL THE LATEST!

08/11/2010: An Artist's Palete

07/18/2010: I'm Not Sure, But Maybe There's Something Interesting Here?

07/02/2010: Job Talk

06/18/2010: Pilot Blindness

06/07/2010: Pilots Speak Out

05/23/2010: It's Not What You Said, It's How You Said It

05/16/2010: The Dangling Kitten

05/03/2010: Not Lovin' It

04/25/2010: Feeding Your Facets

04/18/2010: Go with the Flo

04/10/2010: Novelists vs. Journalists

04/06/2010: Do I Still Remember How to do This?

12/08/2008: Taking a Break...

11/20/2008: Feverish Comic Book Thoughts

11/15/2008: Brought to you by the letter from Syndi

11/01/2008: Be a Type Writer

10/27/2008: Jhumpa! Jhumpa!

10/22/2008: Hot Cold Openings

10/18/2008: The Ultimate Puppy

10/17/2008: Pitfalls! Don't Fall in the Pit!

10/14/2008: Merging Toward Verging

10/09/2008: More On Entitlement
10/09/2008: Entitlement

10/08/2008: The Grim Brothers

09/22/2008: Speculations

09/05/2008: More Bad Jokes!

09/01/2008: How to Tell a Bad Joke

08/22/2008: Intestinal Fortitude

08/17/2008: Battle of the Bloggers!

08/14/2008: Introducing...

08/13/2008: Soapy Scenes

08/08/2008: Facing a Jury in 1956

08/04/2008: Holy Crap, I Got it Wrong

08/01/2008: Incidences. No really, I hear it all the time.

07/19/2008: A Visit to the Temple

07/16/2008: Wow

07/11/2008: Making People Fast

07/05/2008: Playing with the Prose

07/02/2008: A Quick Word

06/26/2008: We Don't All Have ESP in Our Names

06/24/2008: Dishing it Out

06/21/2008: On a Dime

06/20/2008: Breakless Breaking

06/17/2008: Exemplary Letters

06/13/2008: A Call to Comedic Action

06/12/2008: How to Vancouver

06/11/2008: The Ages of Man

06/08/2008: The Sparkle Rule

06/05/2008: A Dirty Joke

06/02/2008: Playing By the Old Rules

05/29/2008: Link Letters

05/28/2008: Two Long!

05/27/2008: Superstar

05/23/2008: Waning Moonlight

05/22/2008: Shelf Life

05/20/2008: Yoko-adjacent

05/19/2008: Why You Want It, Not What You Want

05/17/2008: Learning From The Prose

05/16/2008: Set Patterns

05/09/2008: The Singular of Apocalypse

05/03/2008: Keeping Promises

04/26/2008: What We Realize

04/25/2008: 2008 B.C. (British Columbia)

04/16/2008: Costume Customs

04/15/2008: Places, Everyone!

04/13/2008: But Go Crazy with the "Frak"s!

04/11/2008: Character Moments on the Run

04/09/2008: Addendum to Yesterday's Post:

04/08/2008: How to Give Maris Hives, Alphabetized

04/07/2008: And Maybe Looking in the Mirror Will Make Him See Himself

04/06/2008: Zoeae Doesn't Refer to Baby Clams, But it's Good For Scrabble

04/04/2008: Another Voice to Master

04/03/2008: You Don't Need to be a Secret Agent to Find Out Agents' Secrets

04/01/2008: Frenzy. An Excellent Noun.

03/31/2008: You'll Thank Yourself

03/28/2008: Protag, You're It!

03/27/2008: Bubble, Bubble...

03/26/2008: Hodgepodge

03/24/2008: I Hope Jenny Isn't a Worm

03/21/2008: Thanks!
03/21/2008: No, I said, "Pitching"

03/20/2008: Spitting on Expectations (Expectorations)

03/18/2008: A Way To Get To Write for Billie Holiday

03/17/2008: The Fourth Track

03/14/2008: A Three-Track Mind

03/13/2008: Colombo Always Showed Up Late

03/11/2008: If You Want To Do It At All, Do It All

03/09/2008: Bills, Bills, Bills

03/07/2008: Encouragement from One's Piers

03/06/2008: Fortuidipitous

03/02/2008: Leaving the Zinger Unzinged

02/28/2008: Metaphorical Stove Architecture

02/25/2008: Let's Say You Don't Like Shrimp...

02/23/2008: Another Bite of That Onion

02/22/2008: Maybe She'll Get A Free Copier, Though?

02/19/2008: English People Don't Actually Say Po-tah-to

02/16/2008: Sweet Onion

02/14/2008: Work!

02/12/2008: Archaic Anarchy

02/10/2008: Taking the Lift to the Top of your Career

02/09/2008: Pencils Up?

02/07/2008: It's Not Called Wish Factor

02/05/2008: Walkin' and Walkin'

02/04/2008: Edgification

02/03/2008: Strike Update

02/02/2008: Holding Down Your Chowder

01/30/2008: No Drumroll, Please!

01/28/2008: Petty Force

01/25/2008: Playing Your Way Into Television

01/24/2008: Go, Boss, Go!

01/23/2008: Pedagogy!

01/20/2008: Frenzy Corrected

01/19/2008: Even Worse Than Jumping the Shark

01/16/2008: Investment Pays Off

01/14/2008: FNLy Enough

01/13/2008: Kitty Was a Light-Weight

01/12/2008: Suspicious Advice

01/09/2008: Sending In All the Ninjas

01/08/2008: Onward!

01/07/2008: another update
01/07/2008: New Time!

01/06/2008: More On Vegas
01/06/2008: Refreshing News

01/05/2008: Everyone Expands Over the Holidays

01/03/2008: Go On, Hit 'Em Over the Head. It'll Be Okay.

01/01/2008: A New Page for '08!

12/19/2007: Year-End Announcement
12/19/2007: Previously In This Blog...

12/18/2007: A Feather in Your Recap

12/16/2007: Make Sure They're Not Fake

12/15/2007: The Laugh on the Cut

12/12/2007: Nothing to Sneeze At

12/11/2007: Have You Seen that SunChips Flavor "Harvest Cheddar"? What the Heck?
12/11/2007: Pencil Harvest Festival!

12/10/2007: It was Like the Enterprise Cafeteria or Something

12/07/2007: Infamy!

12/06/2007: "Write Aid" Update
12/06/2007: Strike News from A to Izzard
12/06/2007: Your Future Fellowship

12/04/2007: Come Get More Advice Than You Need!

12/03/2007: Runners in your Knits

12/02/2007: Pencil Pusher

12/01/2007: Naming Names

11/30/2007: Bread, Butter, and Mud

11/29/2007: MASH notes

11/27/2007: Lenny Gets In a Good One

11/25/2007: Pam and Clams

11/23/2007: Rimshot Removal

11/22/2007: It's Never Requited

11/19/2007: ...and have to trade places with a pencil prince

11/18/2007: On Pencils and Previouslies

11/16/2007: An Update on the Run...

11/15/2007: Ken in the Art of Writing
11/15/2007: Life and Things Like It
11/15/2007: New!

11/14/2007: Fans4Writers.com
11/14/2007: Losing the Race, Winning the Hearts and Minds of the Readers

11/12/2007: Strike News! As it Happens!
11/12/2007: Cutting Them Off at the Elipsis

11/11/2007: In Which I Talk About A Dream I Had Thirty Years Ago

11/09/2007: A Pilot Takes Off

11/08/2007: Delivery Systems

11/07/2007: Sweaty Observations

11/06/2007: Day Two and An Answer for Betsy

11/05/2007: Strike! Pizza! Chad!

11/04/2007: I Hope Someone's Working On Witty Signs

11/01/2007: You Could Call It "Time Out"

10/31/2007: On Top of Mount Percentile

10/30/2007: Hello, Good Buy

10/28/2007: Tough Talk About The Deficit

10/24/2007: Who Cans Worms, Anyway?

10/22/2007: Look Alive

10/21/2007: Damp Thoughts

10/17/2007: Back to the Drawing Board and Loving it!
10/17/2007: The Importance of Self-Promotion

10/15/2007: Waking Up Familiar

10/14/2007: Guest Speaker Conclusion

10/12/2007: Today: A Guest Speaker

10/09/2007: Get Back on the Horse, Just Not Right Now

10/08/2007: Sweaty Clumps of Talent

10/04/2007: Knight Writer

10/03/2007: Klink!

10/02/2007: Now for Some Stuff I Don't Know...

10/01/2007: The Tween Life

09/28/2007: Back to the Place with the Thing

09/25/2007: Don't Harsh my Balloon!

09/24/2007: Clamity Jane Rides Again

09/23/2007: Adding by Subtracting

09/21/2007: Unsafe Toy Alert!

09/19/2007: Room Rites and Rewrites

09/18/2007: Hire Education

09/17/2007: Another Reason to Sharpen Every Line in Your Spec

09/14/2007: Old and Grey's

09/13/2007: "Free to the Chosen" Makes a Nice Rallying Cry

09/12/2007: An Open Letter to the Media

09/10/2007: Coffee and Confidence

09/07/2007: This is Not My Beautiful Script

09/06/2007: Check out the "Sunshine Bulge" of the late 60s

09/02/2007: Literal Thinking

08/31/2007: Notables

08/30/2007: I've Said it Before...

08/29/2007: Photo Play

08/26/2007: Hot Rat-Taunting Story Documents

08/24/2007: Whispers in the Dark

08/23/2007: Deep Jots

08/17/2007: Kaput Down that Keyboard

08/16/2007: Grand Slamdance

08/13/2007: Tell Us A Little About Yourself

08/12/2007: He's President AND a Prostitute!

08/11/2007: Advanced Blasphemy

08/10/2007: Creative Blasphemy -- An Introduction

08/08/2007: The Mouse House

08/07/2007: Like Snacks For Your Eyes, Not Your Ears

08/06/2007: I Taught I Taw a Placement Program!

08/04/2007: Doin' what Doogie Did

08/03/2007: The Book of Acts

08/02/2007: Respectfully Disagreeing

08/01/2007: Good Writing = Good Lighting

07/30/2007: Taking a Look at Your Appendix

07/27/2007: Entitlement

07/26/2007: Clean Script, Clear Heart, Can't Lose

07/23/2007: ABC/Disney Debriefing

07/21/2007: In Which I Become an Area of Expertise

07/19/2007: Have Some More Clamonade

07/18/2007: Stumbling Toward Greatness

07/17/2007: Someone Put Shorts on the Internet!

07/14/2007: The Brothers, Coming Through

07/13/2007: Can You Find the Hidden Star Trek Reference in This Post?

07/11/2007: Setting the Setting on your Scene Setting

07/08/2007: Holding the Reader's Hand

07/05/2007: Why No Murphy Brown? Did I Really Not Have a Murphy Brown?

07/04/2007: Viva Bautista

07/03/2007: Then Again, It Might Mean "Summerian Frost"

07/02/2007: Listing Your House with Entry 21

07/01/2007: Wearing Tom Stoppard's Shirt

06/27/2007: Sweat, Not Letting Them See You Doing It

06/26/2007: Organized Worry

06/25/2007: So Happy Not Actually to be Getting Sued

06/23/2007: Tryin' to get there

06/22/2007: There's Nothing Prettier than Otter Harvesting Season

06/21/2007: I Guess He Really Can't Drive

06/20/2007: Sick Humor

06/19/2007: Warning: This Post Contains an Unavoidable Swear

06/18/2007: Gray Matters

06/17/2007: Overseeing Your Underpinnings

06/14/2007: Getting Sick in the Elevator in your Cabin

06/12/2007: Soon-Lee was Klinger's Wife

06/11/2007: Doing by Saying

06/08/2007: Second Thoughts

06/07/2007: Duo-ver

06/05/2007: Spring Cleaning

06/03/2007: And Then You Get Apples in Your Can of Worms

06/01/2007: Pulling Up Stakes

05/30/2007: Joke Hold

05/29/2007: The Thing on Giles' Lapel

05/28/2007: I Can't Believe I Remember This from 1994

05/26/2007: More Speculation

05/24/2007: Did you Know Cameron and Chase are Their Last Names?

05/23/2007: Although Wilson is a Best Friend, He is Not Also a Volleyball

05/21/2007: Sighs Matter

05/20/2007: Making Yourself Comfortable in the House or Office

05/18/2007: Shopping the Schedule

05/17/2007: The Spec Stands Alone

05/14/2007: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

05/12/2007: Depriving Rob Schneider of a Comedy Premise

05/10/2007: Rockin' and Enrollin'

05/09/2007: Zach's Aspirations

05/08/2007: The Offensive Line

05/07/2007: Voiceoverused

05/04/2007: Also Good for Swimming Pools with Diving Boards

05/03/2007: Narrowly Avoiding Apostrophe

05/01/2007: The Incompetence of Others Makes You Comparatively Better!

04/29/2007: She also said, "...don't tell that to the dry foliage". Fantastic!

04/27/2007: It stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow

04/25/2007: That's Right. I Said Dog-Fondling.

04/23/2007: The Wavy Green Line

04/22/2007: Getting Away From The Office

04/21/2007: Don't Just Stare. Stare AT Something.

04/19/2007: I Finally Get Why Some Joke Writers Don't Want To Talk About It

04/16/2007: Smelling like a thing and another thing!

04/15/2007: Start by Clenching Bits that No One Can See

04/12/2007: Usually it's not, in fact, a glass of water

04/11/2007: Long Tall Funny

04/09/2007: Speaking Irrelevance to Power

04/08/2007: Remember, a Clam is an Overused Joke

04/07/2007: It Wasn't Really a Family Reunion, But I Can't Remember What It Was Exactly

04/05/2007: A Betta is a Kind of Fish

04/03/2007: Putting the Car in your Career

04/02/2007: A Strong Showing

03/30/2007: Not Actually How Sophie Chose

03/28/2007: Putting the Cart Before the Horse (and Getting Rid of the Horse)

03/26/2007: Why my clothes don't match

03/25/2007: Hands are for typing, not waving

03/24/2007: That Darn Mella

03/22/2007: Golf Cartography

03/21/2007: Mail Bag Grab Bag

03/20/2007: Livin' in Minnesota?

03/19/2007: Slimming Down

03/17/2007: Comedy Concentrate -- Just Add Pie!

03/15/2007: ABPI is on the air!

03/13/2007: Moses Presupposes his Toeses Are Roses

03/12/2007: This American Blog
03/12/2007: I Think the Sheriff is Steamed

03/09/2007: Not a Theme: "Funny Things People Do"

03/08/2007: Theme-ophilia

03/07/2007: One Last Clam

03/05/2007: My Favorite Moment of the B

03/01/2007: Currently Alternating

02/28/2007: Going Back to Pick up the Heart I Left There

02/26/2007: (There's No Such Thing as Tylium)

02/25/2007: Clamity Jane

02/24/2007: When Life Gives you Clams, make Clamonade

02/23/2007: Boneless is For Chicken Strips

02/20/2007: An Atypical Route to Spexcellence

02/19/2007: Not Just a Brainshower

02/17/2007: Update on My Battlestar!

02/16/2007: Intel from the Field

02/15/2007: Shuffling the Cards

02/13/2007: Whoo followed by Hoo!

02/10/2007: Are Your Bay Leaves on the Table?

02/09/2007: Psst... It's Not Really an Old Saying

02/07/2007: After All, What's Better For Friendship Than a Pop Quiz?

02/06/2007: Meredith is the Drunk One -- You Know the One I Mean

02/04/2007: Scripting the Unspoken

02/03/2007: It's (Going To Be) On!

02/02/2007: Something That Makes Medium Rare

02/01/2007: Jokes that Play Hard to Get

01/31/2007: He Got in Trouble for Telling Menotti Jokes. Really? How Naughty Were They?

01/29/2007: Pipe Dreams

01/27/2007: Some Culpa for Mea

01/25/2007: Jane's Famous Kugel Recipe

01/24/2007: No, Tiger!

01/22/2007: Everyone Has an Office

01/21/2007: "Working Under Poodleskirts"

01/20/2007: It Finally Sinks In

01/18/2007: Friends, Romans, Countrymen...

01/16/2007: Sometimes You Don't Want to Dissolve

01/14/2007: Giving 'em Wrinkles (Cont'd)

01/13/2007: Giving 'em Wrinkles

01/12/2007: Scripting Spontaneity

01/10/2007: A Rule To Not Obey

01/09/2007: Jokes to Make You Cry

01/08/2007: Making Mistakes on Purpose

01/07/2007: That's "jack-assity," not Jack Cassidy

01/04/2007: Yes, and...

01/03/2007: "Who Invited Joe Pesci?!"

01/02/2007: A Little Bit More About the Great Divide

12/31/2006: I've Said it Before, I'll Say it Again: Pants.

12/29/2006: A Reason Never to Attempt Dignity

12/27/2006: Syntaxentuate the Positive!

12/26/2006: Davy Jones Collapses Under a Load of Pipe!

12/25/2006: Christmas Fudge

12/24/2006: Happy Christmas Eve!

12/22/2006: Overused Comedy Word: Festive. And Yet...

12/21/2006: The Mistakes of Others -- The Greatest Gift of All

12/20/2006: Deep Thoughts at the Coffee Bean

12/19/2006: Unwriting

12/17/2006: What's Wrong With Meredith Gray?

12/15/2006: Don't Look at the Mug! Don't Look!

12/13/2006: What I Learned From Stephen Colbert

12/12/2006: You Really Should Visit My Unicorn Farm

12/10/2006: Or Staple a Candy Bar to Every Page

12/08/2006: Frakkin' ay!

12/07/2006: Trying Times

12/05/2006: We Need an Arc Angel to Tell Us Where the Story's Going

12/03/2006: Surgical Strikes

12/02/2006: A Visit From Ken Levine!

12/01/2006: Czech Marx

11/30/2006: Leveling With You

11/28/2006: Why John Lennon Remains Interesting

11/27/2006: Punching People With Words

11/26/2006: Flowwwww

11/20/2006: Muddy Mouthprints

11/19/2006: Taking a Header

11/18/2006: Hot Bean Burrito Bottle!
11/18/2006: /duplicate entry deleted/

11/15/2006: Bite three = more cheesecake! Bite four = too much cheesecake!

11/14/2006: A Clean, Well-Lighted Place is Totally Overrated

11/12/2006: Fun? Really? Oh, yeah...

11/11/2006: Spoiler warning: The Office

11/09/2006: The Worst Advice So Far!

11/07/2006: Want = Pain

11/06/2006: Breakage

11/04/2006: sdrawkcaB gnitirW

11/02/2006: Giving with One Hand, Taking with the Same Hand

11/01/2006: When Zeit Met Geist

10/31/2006: There's More Than One Way to Bait a Schmuck

10/30/2006: Ungulates with Plans

10/28/2006: I Think I've Got the Right Fable. Industrious Ant, Profligate Grasshopper?

10/27/2006: "I Live in Fear of Coolio's Inevitable Comeback" and Other Funny Captions

10/25/2006: Keeping House at Home

10/24/2006: On The Premises
10/24/2006: /duplicate entry deleted/

10/23/2006: And Stephanie and George and Marcel...

10/22/2006: Not Buying the Farm

10/20/2006: More Final Draftiness

10/18/2006: And That's Our Blog Entry!

10/16/2006: How to Write Jokes That Aren't Funny

10/15/2006: Trimming the Fat and Putting it Somewhere
10/15/2006: /duplicate entry deleted/

10/14/2006: Plowing the Untouched Field

10/12/2006: And He Was Slow With the Check

10/11/2006: Making Faces

10/10/2006: Getting Some Action

10/09/2006: A Flurry of Nouns and Verbs

10/08/2006: Nothing But De Tooth

10/07/2006: Suspect Yourself

10/06/2006: Fun Fact: Sometimes Parentheticals are Called "Readers"

10/04/2006: An Open Smile on a Friendly Shore

10/03/2006: What's Wrong? Truth Got Your Tongue?

10/02/2006: Punches in Bunches

10/01/2006: The Vague and Winding Road

09/29/2006: Inner Critic Flattened by Impending Deadline

09/28/2006: Spec Skirts

09/27/2006: Free the Echidnas!

09/25/2006: Angie Baby

09/24/2006: Nothing Lasts Five-ever

09/23/2006: Spoilers -- The Office Season Premiere

09/22/2006: More About the About

09/21/2006: Prisoner of Trebekistan, Revisited

09/20/2006: When Hits are Misses

09/19/2006: More Tech Than Trek

09/16/2006: Bad News for West and North Asian Writers

09/15/2006: Success on Spec

09/14/2006: How to Do Things Without Words

09/13/2006: Habitat for Humor


09/10/2006: What color is your writers' room?

09/08/2006: Actually Not

09/07/2006: What's an analogy like?

09/05/2006: Marjorie is in Trouble

09/04/2006: The Spiner of the Story

09/03/2006: Steve and Branko, together at last

09/01/2006: Staying off the Links

08/30/2006: Zia Padora, that should be the full name. Huh? Right? Are you with me?

08/29/2006: The Sound of One Forehead Slapping
08/29/2006: A Special Day

08/28/2006: Ideas and How to Avoid Them

08/25/2006: Spec Script Superstars

08/24/2006: The Argument against Intelligence and Candor

08/23/2006: They weren't really called "pilot lights" -- I made that part up

08/21/2006: Apparently, TAG Body Spray makes you irresistible

08/20/2006: The Importance of Being (a) Prompt

08/19/2006: Trying Out the Spicy Talk

08/17/2006: Have a Nice Day, Sez I

08/16/2006: Write Like What You Like

08/15/2006: It's Advice

08/14/2006: The Inner Surface of Funny

08/11/2006: Don't Add a Second Coat

08/09/2006: "The Thunder's Always Coming"

08/08/2006: Prisoner of Trebekistan

08/07/2006: Leaving Early, Staying Late

08/06/2006: Still, most of them smell fine

08/04/2006: The Crash of the Symbols

08/02/2006: Putting the Ka- Before the Boom

08/01/2006: It's Craftastic!

07/30/2006: Totally Tonal

07/29/2006: Please Don't Pet the Peeves!

07/27/2006: Even with a face like a durian, he can still be a nice guy

07/26/2006: Didja Notice?

07/25/2006: End Titles

07/24/2006: Title-ation

07/22/2006: Titles, The Sequel
07/22/2006: An Appeal from the Writers' Room

07/21/2006: A Nose By Any Other Name Would Smell as Well

07/18/2006: A Happy Medium

07/17/2006: the downside of clarity

07/16/2006: The Heady Thrill of Obeying the Law

07/13/2006: I don't even know what they're selling

07/11/2006: I remember it like it was 34 years ago...

07/10/2006: Naming Names

07/09/2006: Like Whatever

07/08/2006: Mugging for laughs

07/07/2006: Henchpersons

07/06/2006: A Show About Anything Atoll

07/05/2006: Shedding your Flippers

07/04/2006: Thundering herds of damselfish

06/29/2006: The Storm in Your Brain

06/28/2006: Milking the Idea Cow

06/27/2006: an unprovoked slam at Carrot Top

06/26/2006: It's Vistalicious!

06/25/2006: New Romantic Comedy: Yin Loves Yang

06/23/2006: Scene and Not Heard

06/22/2006: What's a Half a Joke? Ke

06/21/2006: House Dry-Swallows a Valium

06/19/2006: That's right. It steals tongues

06/18/2006: Bobbing for Bad Apples

06/17/2006: Sometimes you don't need to use the f-word

06/16/2006: Tee Party

06/15/2006: There used to be harp music for this kind of thing

06/14/2006: No Practical Advice Today -- But a List of Ways to Get Some

06/13/2006: What do Screenwriters Call In 'N' Out Burger? Int./Ext. Burger

06/12/2006: When is a Joke like an Oven?

06/11/2006: Final Draft Tries to Keep Us From Talking Over Each Other


06/08/2006: Laugh is a Battlefield

06/07/2006: Disclaimer: A gun doesn't really make you important

06/06/2006: looking for Burbank in all the wrong places

06/05/2006: A Quickie

06/04/2006: Maybe Everyone Else Already Knows This. Is this Common Knowledge?

06/02/2006: braaaaains

06/01/2006: Castroville is the Artichoke Capital -- that's one that I got

05/31/2006: Like a Stealth Weapon for your Spec Script

05/30/2006: When Puppets Shouldn't Point Out the Hands up Their Bottoms

05/29/2006: Progess Report

05/27/2006: Taking Advantage of Your Friends

05/26/2006: The Tiny Joss in Your Head

05/25/2006: Script Dentistry

05/23/2006: Squiggy and the Sea Creatures

05/22/2006: Talking Dirty for Money the Classy Way

05/20/2006: Also check out "Must Love Jaws"

05/19/2006: Like Syndicating "Will" and "Grace"

05/18/2006: Since-less Violence

05/17/2006: Hide in Plain Sight

05/16/2006: They could look like footstools sometimes

05/15/2006: Admiral Adama and a Frilly Lampshade

05/14/2006: Tears On Your Keyboard

05/12/2006: Cheesy Jokes

05/11/2006: Sorry, JVC, but it's simply true

05/09/2006: Reading what's been written to sound written as it's spoken

05/08/2006: A Really Touching Letter

05/07/2006: Morley Safer, that's a great one

05/06/2006: the chamois joke is best read out loud

05/05/2006: Wanna Read an Entry? There's a New Entry!

05/04/2006: A Staking Without a Slayer

05/02/2006: Ambiguity
05/02/2006: Like a Fat Kid in Corduroy, They Make Sounds with Their Legs

05/01/2006: Again with the Grilled Cheese

04/30/2006: They Came with Mustard to Dip Them In

04/29/2006: Don't Throw it Out, Throw it Away

04/28/2006: The Missing-Squid Formation

04/27/2006: Home Again!

04/19/2006: Forgot to Mention
04/19/2006: "All About Evil." That's One. We Should've Used That One

04/18/2006: Ooof, urgh, errff!
04/18/2006: All that Monty Python Study Going to Waste

04/16/2006: International Hour

04/15/2006: And Sometimes Robin is Dick

04/14/2006: Hello Kitty or Hi Cat or Something Roughly Like That

04/12/2006: Cutting Bone

04/11/2006: Another Peeve to Pet. Another Peeve... to Pet.

04/10/2006: Missy Can't Even Pronounce Pneumothorax!

04/08/2006: Twist Inflation

04/07/2006: Laughing at Editing

04/06/2006: Girls Just Wanna Have Funnel

04/05/2006: Tiny Tidbit

04/04/2006: A Guest Asks About Guests

04/03/2006: A Special Guest

04/02/2006: Staffing-Season Brides

03/31/2006: One Wild Party

03/30/2006: Look Back in Nausea

03/29/2006: I Heart TV

03/26/2006: Nuns and Knishes

03/22/2006: Maybe Seven. Seven Would Be About Right.

03/21/2006: A Little Off the Top

03/20/2006: Pet Peeve Adoption Center

03/19/2006: Walking the Santino Trail

03/18/2006: Thanking the Academy

03/17/2006: A Treat!

03/16/2006: Make 'em Laugh!

03/14/2006: Lying Down for Fun and Profit!

03/12/2006: Aboutitude

03/11/2006: Pointing at What Hurts

03/10/2006: Back to Jack

03/09/2006: Something So Hard To Write, It Could Injure You

03/08/2006: I get it! It's Unheard!

03/06/2006: They Keep the Money in Fair-Banks

03/05/2006: Another Neat Trick. And Bunnies on a Peanut.

03/04/2006: Gunn For Hire?

03/03/2006: If I Wrote for House...

03/02/2006: What's On My Nose

03/01/2006: Try Angles

02/28/2006: Cactus Longhorn Beetles!

02/27/2006: Don't Order the Cricket Salad!

02/26/2006: I Googled Goggles!

02/24/2006: Funny = Sticky. Sticky = Funny

02/23/2006: A Trick

02/22/2006: Avoid Chafing! Check That Outline!

02/20/2006: Falling With Style

02/15/2006: Specs with Chewy Surprises Inside!

02/14/2006: Putting the "uck" in Starbucks

02/13/2006: When Television is Radio

02/12/2006: Mystery Man Revealed!
02/12/2006: Why Russian Novels Are So Challenging

02/11/2006: Pop Quiz!

02/10/2006: A New Angle

02/09/2006: Specs From Beyond the Grave

02/08/2006: Danger Ahead

02/07/2006: Keeping It Fresh (Why Not To)

02/06/2006: Shooting at a Moving Target. Don't Lead It!

02/04/2006: Sweatin' to the Stereotypes

02/03/2006: Ignoring Your First Impulse

02/01/2006: A Nugget

01/31/2006: Making Mice

01/30/2006: Read More Television!

01/28/2006: The Joy of Specs!

01/27/2006: Write Molehills, not Mountains


01/24/2006: All Anyone is Talking About

01/23/2006: Adding a Story to your House

01/22/2006: Quit your job and move to Hollywood!

01/21/2006: JIP RIP

01/19/2006: A Political Post!

01/18/2006: Diary of a network show

01/17/2006: Here's the latest!

01/16/2006: WELCOME!!


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