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Home » Archives » April 2007 » Putting the Car in your Career
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04/03/2007: Putting the Car in your Career

Interesting. Recently (March 30), I observed that writing teams are always composed of two, and only two, writers. But then I got a note from a Friend-of-the-Blog, saying:

Believe it or not, there may have been a three-partner writing team on the original staff of "Everybody Hates Chris." I knew one of the original writers for that show... and he mentioned one of the teams had three people. I know it's rare, but I guess it can happen...

Well slap my flank and call me Bessie. Who knew? I have to say, though, that this is very rare indeed. And it gives me the image of trying to navigate the streets in a vehicle that's three cars wide. How do you steer it? How do you park it? How do you keep it from splitting into three cars that want to go different directions? The metaphor might be breaking down, but I think you get the point.

While we're in the area, here's more on teams. It's not usual for a writer to be part of a team that writes features, while also pursuing a solo TV writing career. Entering into a partnership doesn't have to mean that you're partnered for every aspect of your career. So feel free to seek out writers you're compatible with. Just make sure you're very happy with the shape of the car that results.

Also, a big thank you to the lovely people of Equality Now and the Browncoats who were involved in my trip to WonderCon. They sent me a deeply appreciated gift of exotic spices which I am currently sprinkling on everything in my home. Thank you!

Lunch: cafeteria sushi. Oh, the cold chewy rice. Sigh.


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