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Home » Archives » November 2007 » A Pilot Takes Off
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11/09/2007: A Pilot Takes Off

Gentle Reader Amanda is working her way along the path toward a television writing career. She found an agent, and now she's written a spec pilot that's been getting some favorable attention. Here is how she writes about her journey so far:

The last few years I've been spending all of my time trying to duplicate the voice of other shows or develop other people's story ideas on features...you know why? Because deep in my heart I felt like there might not be a place for me as an ORIGINAL writer. [The spec pilot] was just a writing sample. I had NO IDEA anyone would be interested in it. Endeavor just told me "hurry up and write a pilot 'cause that's what everyone else is doing".

When I started getting meetings [off the spec pilot], I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! It's been the most validating, exciting time of my life. It feels like I'm at the movies and all of a sudden all the characters on the screen are talking to me. Like what was once a world I was on the outside looking into has suddenly opened its door to me and is saying "Where've you been?" as if I haven't been banging on the door for 10 years!! Strange. And wonderful.

And then, there's the writer's strike. Not my favorite timing, obviously. But I understand it. The bright side is: when else will all of my favorite writers be snuggled up on one city block with nothing better to do than talk to me?! Silver lining! Silver lining!!

Yay, Amanda! Isn't this inspiring? This is why you strive, Gentle Readers! This is why your pour your little hearts into those specs!

By the way, I read something somewhere about how young writers should be discouraged from using the picket lines as networking opportunities. Oh, I disagree. Don't force a script into anyone's hands, but I see nothing wrong with coming out, wielding a picket sign for a few hours, and talking with working (well, you know what I mean) writers about what they do. It's not just networking, it's smart career research coupled with support of a kind that actually means something! Follow ordinary rules of courtesy, and you should do fine.

Strike: Today was the big Fox rally. It was crowded and wonderful and possessed by a unity of resolve such as I've never felt. I was pleased to meet many of you, Gentle Readers! Thank you for coming out! Stay tuned about more possible special events next week!

Lunch: a veggie burger at Houston's in the Century City mall. The best part was the side dish of acorn squash, a personal fave of mine.


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