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Home » Archives » November 2007 » Pam and Clams
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11/25/2007: Pam and Clams

Hi, all. So did you enjoy "Razor," the new Battlestar Galactica movie? It represents the last bit of Galactica in which I was not involved -- the last bit I can watch as a pure fan. I recommend it -- it's packed with chilling and gradual revelations. Great stuff.

On the writing front, Friend-of-the-blog Maggie has called my attention to Pamela Ribon's fascinating blog. The entry I'm linking to here has a fantastic list of clams and a great discussion that reveals how they sometimes end up in scripts by staffs that know better. I don't know Pamela, but -- Hiya, Pamela! Great work! Her blog looks like a great source of inside info, especially for those of you curious about the room experience. She really captures how in-the-room interactions work.

I'm interested to see that "X is the new Y" is on her list. It highlights the fact that often it's the form of the joke that gets clammy, even though different variables can get plugged into the equation. I was calling these "clamshells" for a while, and it's not a bad way to picture it -- no matter what you stuff in there, from the outside, it's a clam.

In strike news, I continue to buy pencils, and I'm looking forward to another week of picketing. HUGE thanks to Gentle Reader Claire who sent me a care packet of strike snacks and shoe liners. Yay!

Lunch: a variety of snacks eaten at my semi-weekly Scrabble game: brie, Fig Newtons, crackers and chips.


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