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Home » Archives » December 2007 » Runners in your Knits
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12/03/2007: Runners in your Knits

Did you see that outfit on Project Runway two weeks ago? It was made from a heavy and very stretchy knit. The judges noticed that it actually got bigger during the fashion show as it succumbed to gravity. Any sort of fit that it started with was lost as it sagged off the model.

I talked with a writer today about how stories have a right size too. It's totally true. He talked about a sitcom story with a very comedic hook that kept sagging under logical problems and general believability issues. It just didn't seem to be sturdy enough to support even a B-story's amount of weight. But once the show's staff tried turning it into a tiny two-beat comedic runner, the little story clung like a slinky silk. If you've got a story that seemed hilarious when you thought of the concept but that now seems forced and, you know, gray... take it to the tailor.

Strike: Remember that strange article from TV Guide online? The one that suggested that most of their readers are opposed to the writers? Today, faced with poll results that said their readers actually favor the writers by a 4-to-1 margin, they put out a follow-up piece. Perhaps this was to correct the earlier error? Actually, the new article suggests that maybe negative reader comments reflect a shift away from the writers' position since the poll was completed. Note: the poll is still open. So are comments on the new article.

Lunch: I tried something new at a place called "Kansas City Barbeque." It was called a "burnt end sandwich". I know! It was fabulous!


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