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Home » Archives » December 2007 » Have You Seen that SunChips Flavor "Harvest Cheddar"? What the Heck?
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12/11/2007: Have You Seen that SunChips Flavor "Harvest Cheddar"? What the Heck?

Strike Update: Oh, we had a good pencil harvest this year! I got to the park by NBC in time to see the half-million pencils still in their boxes -- impressive, but packed so tightly that you didn't get a real idea of the sheer crazy volume of them. When they were dumped out into rolling bins, they seemed to expand enormously, like the late Winston Churchill being too quickly removed from a snug waistcoat. It was really wild -- a huge frakkin' cascade of pencils. It was a real, physical reminder of your support that we won't ever forget. Thank you, television fans!

Tomorrow, I'm back to my normal 6-9 a.m. shift at Universal's Barham gate, although it's hard to call it normal when I almost never get there anymore. I've done a lot of guest-picketing lately, but home is home. Then, Thursday, we're opting for a slightly later schedule. You'll find me and the rest of the Battlestar writers at Universal's Barham gate from 9 to 12. I will also be at the Guild later that day, making signs. Not working is hard work!

And there are two recoveries to note... I send "get well soon" wishes to our own Michael Trucco (Sam Anders on Battlestar) and to Alex Trebek. I've seen Jeopardy writers out picketing, and I hope for a speedy recovery for the sake of that whole family.

Lunch: Cup O' Noodles with added shot of lemon juice -- it really is the only way.

Clarification: I recently related an anecdote about a Buffy spec being submitted to Buffy. It was actually submitted to Angel. Observant readers correctly noted that a spec script for a specific show is rarely, if ever, submitted to that show.


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