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Home » Archives » December 2007 » Nothing to Sneeze At
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12/12/2007: Nothing to Sneeze At

Oh, Gentle Readers, I am weary. I'm also footsore and frustrated. There is a corrosive new message oozing across the cyberlandscape. Is it true that we're fiddling while jobs burn? Well, in an effort to make the issues clear, and out of a compulsion to do what we know how to do, we've made the strike entertaining. Is that cavalier? I'm sure it can look that way.

But know that we're not dancing as lightly as we seem to be. We're cold. We're tired. Our feet hurt. We're concerned about the future -- the future of our shows, the future of our careers, the future of the business, the future of the whole darn American middle-class, and the future of any personal sense of security we might have built up. We're concerned about our relationship with executives whom we like, who aren't really part of the mogularchy. And we're greatly concerned about those people who find themselves affected by the strike although they never even got a vote in this action. We may look like we're laughing, but we're serious.

So, yeah, we're tired. But that doesn't mean we're weak. And that doesn't mean we're divided. And you know what's keeping us strong and united? You. Fans and aspiring writers. Fans appreciate what we provide, and would like television writing to remain a viable career so that we can keep providing it. And aspiring writers know that we're doing this so that there is a career here for them to step into. Thank you so much for understanding that. You're entertaining us too, you know -- those masses of pencils made me smile heartily. And I know that doesn't mean you're taking this lightly either.

If I were a "bless you" sort of person, I'd say that. But I'm not. So... gesundheit. Gesundheit to you.

Lunch: leftover Persian food. Crispy rice with lamb stew. And Faloodeh for dessert. Do you know this stuff? Frozen noodles with lime juice and rosewater. It's the childhood favorite your childhood was missing.

P.S. If you're that guy I almost punched today, the one who claimed that we writers weren't sacrificing anything, I direct you to, get this, the actual AMPTP website. Even they agree that we're sacrificing a lot. They think that number will scare us? Take it as a measure of our resolve, and I think it should scare them.


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