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Home » Archives » January 2008 » Go, Boss, Go!
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01/24/2008: Go, Boss, Go!

All of the scripts for Buffy were written in Scriptware. I don't even think Scriptware exists any more. At any rate, they certainly don't answer when you send them email asking how to convert old Scriptware scripts into Final Draft. But, I was able to figure it out on my own, with a minimal mangling of formatting. I now have a complete archive of all the drafts of all the scripts that I wrote during the Buffy years. Yay!

The format-mangling is substantial enough that I'm going through all the scripts and correcting the bits where dialogue has been formatted as if it's action and vice versa. This is allowing me a chance to re-read all the old drafts. Fascinating.

Some of what I'm finding pleases me. You know how I like to say that you can convey the depth of a character's emotion by making them suddenly inarticulate? Here's an example I like:

Yeah. Look, I'm not...
...with the words, but there's something - something's always been there. Between us. In the back of my mind.

Some of what I'm finding displeases me. Here's a joke that goes on exactly two words too long:

You think I still dream of a crypt for two with a white picket fence? My eyes are clear.
(tries a little joke)
Don't care for picket fences anyway. Bloody dangerous.

Don't you think that joke is so much better without the "bloody dangerous" explanation? A vampire doesn't like picket fences. That's plenty clear, doncha think? Sigh.

Remember, if you read your own work and find things like this, mistakes that now seem obvious, it's a good sign. It means you've learned something in the time in between.

In strike news, my boss, the amazing Ron Moore, has written this excellent piece which appears at UnitedHollywood.com. Go read!

Lunch: Acapulco (the chain restaurant, not the resort city). I had a wonderful tortilla soup and fresh guac made tableside -- Acapulco is stepping it up, people! But every time I go there, they're vacuuming! What's with all the vacuuming, Acapulco?


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