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02/04/2008: Edgification

Isn't it lovely when all the elements of a story click neatly into place? It is -- unless it's too neat. A classic example of this is the murder suspect who gives one superfluous piece information while giving their alibi, and it turns out to be the one piece of information that the detectives need to puncture the alibi.

All you need to do is make it a little less neat. I saw a good example of this on a syndicated episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent that I watched yesterday. The guy gave the one superfluous piece of info -- mentioning something about a boxer "puking" during a boxing match he watched on television. The detectives wondered if that particular highlight would really have been shown on TV. But when they looked into it, that wasn't actually exactly what punctured the alibi -- when they checked out the match, they discovered that it was actually an undercard that hadn't been broadcast at all. Now, you can quibble with whether or not this was a smart alibi, but I really like the fact that there was a ragged, imperfect match between the detectives' suspicions and what they actually found. It feels realer, more like life.

So, especially if you're writing a script with procedural elements, look at where the puzzle pieces fit together and consider roughing up the seams.

STRIKE INFO: This Wednesday is SCI FI CHANNEL DAY FOR FANS & WRITERS: Jaime Paglia, co-creator of "Eureka" is inviting fans to join the writers, producers and cast members from Sci Fi Channel's BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, EUREKA, FLASH GORDON, PAINKILLER JANE, and others for a rally at NBC Studios. 12 noon - 2 pm at NBC STUDIOS, 3000 W. Alameda Ave, Burbank, CA. I will be there and I believe lots of the rest of the BSG staff will be as well!

Lunch: In 'n' Out burger and a Dr. Pepper


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