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Home » Archives » February 2008 » It's Not Called Wish Factor
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02/07/2008: It's Not Called Wish Factor

As you've probably already read on the fine blog of my colleague Mark Verheiden, the special "Sci Fi channel" picket day was a huge success. No fewer than four of my former and/or current bosses were there -- um, wait, might've been five. Thanks to all who came out, including many of you, Gentle Readers -- good to meet'cha!

The next strike-related event is the big meeting Saturday night at The Shrine. Should be interesting. By the way -- don't let anyone tell you the strike is already over. Until I hear different, watch me walk!

Only a small nugget of writing advice tonight. During the Super-Tuesday coverage, I heard a pundit ask another pundit to stop talking about the greatest wishes of each campaign and instead give us a little insight into their greatest fears. Hm. That's not a bad way to approach characters, too. Know what they want AND what they fear. Maybe the fear is just not getting the thing they want, but maybe it's something else. If you think about it, and find something interesting, you'll have more to play with in your script. Even if you never make explicit reference to it, the character will probably deepen just from the fact that you know it.

Lunch: Ribs USA. An all-sides lunch: greens and mac-n-cheese and corn and those amazing spicy fries.


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