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    I want to ask Jane a question. How do I contact her?
    At this time, Jane does not have an address that’s available to the public. This page will be updated when an address becomes available.

    I have a spec script that’s just amazing, I know Jane will love it! Can I send it to her?
    Please do not send spec scripts. Jane cannot read any unsolicited scripts at any time, for many legal reasons too long and complicated to list out.

    I have a great idea for a television show of my own. Can Jane help me get it on the air?
    Sorry, no. Jane is trying to get her own ideas for television shows on the air.

    What is with the Lunch Thing? Is there some real neat or chuckle worthy reason for doing this?
    When I was redesigning the site, I needed filler content for the blog intro. It wasn’t intended to stay, but Jane took it and ran with it, so to this day, my filler content is still there at the top of the blog, and Jane still tells everyone what she had for lunch. Why, don’t you like lunch?

    There’s a broken link/funky page/typo on the website. How do I contact the webmaster?
    Please send any emails intended for the webmaster to pcarlson69(at)gmail.com, with “For Jane’s Webmaster” in the subject line (otherwise it might be mistaken for spam).